Early Bird Pricing Available through June 15th
The Get It DONE Gathering
Welcome to the UN-Conference… Ready? Set. Work!
  •   You’re drowning in to-do’s without effective systems in place (but where to start?)
  •  You’re tired of being pulled in a thousand directions each day (and never for the things that need your attention MOST)
  •  Free time” to work on your business?  (What’s that?)
  •  Organization, productivity and time blocking aren’t exactly your strong suit
  •  Creating content (let alone repurposing it) is like speaking French (and uh, no parle Francais, know what I’m saying?)
  •  You’ve tried retreats, conferences and conventions… and sure, they’re nice… but if we’re being honest, you leave with more to-do’s and confusion than before you attended, don’t you?
  •  You crave moving the needle forward but three words sum it up:
Sister, you need a productivity bubble to get lost in.
Scratch that… you need time to FIND your way instead. 
It's time you feel the rush of GETTING SH*T DONE!
You need a Get It DONE Gathering…
Fredericksburg, Texas (the beautiful hill country)
Sunday, October 13th - Wednesday, October 16th, 2019*
*Optional Bonus Day: Thursday, Oct. 17*
Spend 3 invaluable days, head down, focusing on what your business needs most.

Surround yourself with other ambitious female entrepreneurs who crave productivity (and celebrate GSD together!)

Get access to my 15 years of business strategy, organization, productivity and systems

Work without… wait for it… DISTRACTIONS: No kids, spouses, PTA meetings, vendors or employees to deal with.
Leave with LESS on your plate… walk away DONE.
Let’s be honest... you need this in your life! AmIRight?!
Listen, I’m not knocking other retreats- but this isn’t your momma’s typical retreat.
What to Expect:
Pre-Gathering: Natalie will facilitate her proprietary Strategic Mapping framework with all attendees in two sessions before the event. We will update your Mission, Vision, and Values AND create a strategic plan for your business. That way, when you arrive at the Gathering, you'll know exactly what to work on to make the most of your time!
Sunday, Oct. 13th:
  •  Arrive and get settled into your room at our beautiful location.
  •  Introduction & create an intentional plan for your time based on your strategic mapping you did prior to arriving! (Queue the sticky notes.)
  •  Dinner reception where you'll get to know the other attendees and be treated to a delicious meal.
Monday & Tuesday:
Get It Done Days! I'll provide one key teaching each day (Designing Your Business Framework & Establishing Your KPIs). The rest of the time you'll be able to focus on your objectives, projects, and tasks.
Additional Support:
In addition to Natalie's expertise, you'll also have a team of certified Director of Operations to guide you through accomplishing your specific goals.

Optional "Active Breakout Sessions" 
will be available each day - one to one feedback and direction just for you on the following topics: 
  • Marketing: Sales funnels, social media, ads, podcasting...
  • Visibility: Speaking, PR, FB lives...
  •  Product Innovation: Developing new products, formulating offers, developing streams of income...
  •  Scaling: Taking your business to the next level without burning out, hiring, human resources...
  •  Operations: Automation, systems, processes, workflows...
  •  Customer Experience: Streamlining your customer journey, client gifts, touch points...
Tuesday Evening:
Enjoy a very special, closing dinner where we will celebrate our accomplishments (and have some fun, too)!
Optional Bonus Day:
Don't want to leave on Wednesday? Stick around for an optional bonus day to take advantage of the momentum you've created! You're invited to stay an extra night and spend the day Wednesday focused on moving your business forward...or enjoying some down time in the quaint town of Fredericksburg.

Spend the night Wednesday and head home refreshed on Thursday!
Come work, GSD, clear your to-dos, tackle big projects, and bask in the oh, so good feeling of productivity!
What else is included????
  •  Shuttle to and from San Antonio airport...
  •  Private or shared lodging at a quaint bed and breakfast…
  •  All meals, snacks, typical GSD beverages: tea, coffee and water (yes, I know some of us GSD better with a little vino or tequila!)
  •  Downtime for exploring, “me time”, and self care...
I know, self care? When’s the last time you did some hiking, strolled through a vineyard or took a *gasp* midday nap?
Did we just become best business friends? I think so. I'll see you in October.
Now the nitty gritty…
The investment
• Transport to and from airport
• Lodging for 3 nights
• 100% of your meals and snacks
• 3 days of instruction, content and support

EARLY BIRD PRICING available through June 15th:
• $1,499 if sharing a room (Super fun!)
• $2,199 if rooming solo (Yes, I said it... *SOLO*!)
• Optional Bonus Day: Stay an additional day and night for just $297
Oh, and yes, payment plans are available.
Tickets are on sale May through July…

but remember, this is intimate. exclusive. limited.

So 30 women it is- no if’s and’s or but’s.

Because you need space to be productive.
What Others Are Saying...

Amy Lockrin

Natalie managed to out-do herself time and time again over our 3-day stay and I left with a strategic plan for 2019 that I cannot wait to implement. Take time to "Get it Done" - your investment will come back to you ten-fold.
Just so you know…

My 1:1 day rate is $2,500.

Worth it? Without a doubt, hands down, absolutely-freaking-YES....

But you get three days of me (plus the tools and space to GSD), and all accommodations (minus airfare of course!) for LESS than my one-day rate.

Go ahead and get excited!

Remember, your lodging for 3 nights and all meals are included.

Sign me up!
Click below to reserve your spot. Space is limited.
This may be for you if:
  • You’re a business owner who doesn’t have enough time to make the crucial impacts on your business for growth and success...
  •  You’re a product or service based business, MLM or brick and mortar business…
  •  You’re not going to let 2020 get away from you like each year in the past...
  •  You’re a brand spanking new business that wants the structure, processes and planning DONE RIGHT from the start…
  •  You don’t have a gigantic team to make this magic happen… or YOU WANT to be the one to get’er done.
Get your ticket before prices go up (wink wink to all my procrastinators out there!)
Space is limited, so once the tickets are gone, they're gone.
Still Have A Question or Two?!
No Problem, Check Out the SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions!):
Should I bring my computer?
Sister, we are GETTING SH*T DONE… so yes!
Do you offer payment plans?
YES! Payment plans are available.
Why are you doing this?
I’ve worked with 200+ business owners in the past 3 years. Regardless of the size of business, there are things we avoid. I’ve been taking (mental) notes and we’ll be addressing the elephants that no one addresses in their free business time.
Who are the speakers?
This is an UN-conference. We’re here to take action and get it done. No need to ADD MORE info, ideas and options to your already full plate - that’s what has stalled you thus far. I will cover topics with industry information and set you free to work diligently on what your business needs NOW. However, there WILL be key people to review your work or get you started.
Where should I fly into?
San Antonio airport (SAT). Transportation will only be provided from this airport.
Will we have down time to explore?
YES! You’ll have a morning to hike Enchanted Rock if you wish, do yoga or walk the beautiful town. (And let’s face it. Your kids won’t be here so you can sleep in if you want. We won’t tell.) You’ll also have an evening to yourself. You can sneak away for R+R - winery, shopping, sleep, or sneak a Facetime in with your kids.)
How many people will be here? 
We plan to accommodate up to 35 on the property- THAT’S IT. Invite your friends to attend because friends don’t let friends run unorganized busi… okay, okay, you get the point. But seriously, this is an intimate setting purposely curated as such to give you unlimited access to ME without competing (in a good way, of course!) for attention with 50-100+ other women.
Tell me about the housing/rooming situation
We’re staying in several bed + breakfasts and have rented the entire location and amenities. Each of the cottages have different decor and arrangements (bed size). I will have a sign up so you can select your location and roommate, if desired. If you don’t have a preference, you’ll be able to indicate that and we’ll place you with another kind soul who isn’t picky either. No matter which option you choose, I know you’re going to love this little slice of peaceful heaven.
What’s the cancellation policy? 
I know life happens but I sincerely hope it doesn't happen Oct. 13-17. If you have something come up and cannot attend, you can transfer your ticket but the promotion of this is up to you. I will certainly help where I can. You will be responsible for the exchange of funds.
You have until July 31st to book this incredible, intimate Get It DONE Gathering in WINE COUNTRY… are you in or are you out?
Yes, there’s always tomorrow… but how’s that been working out for you to date?

Stop adding tasks that never got done, projects that never get accomplished and ignoring the elements in your business that are slowing down (if not stopping) your success.

3 days + space, support and tools + my expertise and experience + your passion = GSD!
30 tickets, is your name on one of them?

Experience the difference of an UN-conference… no clutter, no noise, no distractions, no excuses.
Why ME?

Oh, you mean besides the fact that I bleed strategic goodness? Well, let’s see...

• I’ve helped 200+ business owners go from frazzled to focused for massive business growth...

• I’ve been behind the scenes of dozen high-priced events in the last 3 years (someone has to keep things running smoothly, right?)

• I’ve worked with well known, female industry leaders as their Chief of Staff and Director of Ops to streamline systems, perfect their team processes and enhance (and develop) their multiple streams of income… WITHOUT STRESS AND CONFUSION.

• My “previous life” in corporate America gave me the tools and experience to take on anything… and now I give my clients the same fearless confidence.

• To me, nothing smells better than a freshly cut baseball field, nothing tastes better than a fantastic glass of white wine and nothing sounds better than the voices of my loved ones enjoying life around me. Plus, I LOVE getting it done with friends! You're formally invited to join me.