Tired of client projects taking over your life?
There is a better way...
The Scope Creep Solution
A FREE 5-day sprint to help you defeat scope creep in your client projects. Designed specifically for online project managers who are ready for more time and less stress.

The Scope Creep Solution takes place Nov. 16-20, 2020.

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What You Will Learn in the Scope Creep Solution:

#1: How to stop scope creep before it starts

(so that you have more time for family and fun)

#2: How to resolve scope creep issues when they arise

(so you know how to navigate those tricky conversations)

#3: How to become indispensable to your clients

(so clients are happy to pay you and you have the potential for increasing income)

What others said about participating...

"This is such a great document and is providing so much clarity on getting the right clients and what services I want to offer."
-Mary B.
"This is so good - setting boundaries before payment is huge."
-Harley R.
"Eye opening! This process is contrary to everything I have been taught - and I love it!"
-Natalie L.
"Getting so much value from this series!"
-Ellie H.
Hey there, I'm Natalie, your host for the Scope Creep Solution.
After spending 15 years in corporate at a Fortune 150 company, I dove into entrepreneurship leveraging my project management certification and skills for high-level relationships in the online and small business worlds.

I found myself streamlining and executing projects for 6 and 7-figure business owners, just as I did as the Chief of Staff for senior executives. I attracted those visionaries who had ALL the ideas, but couldn’t seem to get the backend of their business in shape.

I’m a Change-the-World kind of gal, and I saw that there were a lot of other women like me: women who were gifted or skilled in operations and had the potential to lead teams and manage projects, but who needed some additional mentorship and training in order to step into the Director of Operations role.

And that's how the Director of Operations Certification was born. Now, I'm offering you this free 5-day sprint to help you with one of the most common challenges faced by those serving in an operations role: scope creep.

Will you join me for The Scope Creep Solution? We start November 16th!

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